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TFL West Hampstead Station Upgrade - Phase 2

Client: Buckingham Group Contracting
Value: £300,000
Duration: Nov 2017 – Apr 2018


Project Description:

A new station is to be built by TfL adjacent to the existing Overground Station.This is a £22 million project with Buckingham group as the main contractor.


The new station will have accessible lifts installed for both platforms. There will be an increase in the number of ticket gates, wider platforms and a staircase connecting the two platforms. The forecourt at the entrance will be widened as will the pavement connecting to the nearby tube stations

The existing station will be converted for retail.


Main Scope of Work

Installation of Caisson Shafts and Rising Main
  • 2 no. 4 metre internal diameter caisson shafts were installed as part of West Hampstead Station Upgrade project

  • The caisson shafts acted as attenuation tanks and pump chamber which pumped the water from the storm system into the Thames Water public system.

  • The water storage tank was 4 metres deep and was connected to the pump chamber which was 6 metres deep.

  • The tanks were installed under an ALO plan as they were located directly adjacent to a live pedestrian platform.

  • Richmond also installed 2 no. 15 tonne lids to each tank

  • A ductile iron rising main from pump chamber to Thames water manhole on public highway

Drainage, Ducting, Earthwork Support and Concrete Slabs
  • Installed ducts and duct pits to network rail specifications

  • Installed filter drains, manholes, flow chambers and valve chambers (3 metres deep) to Network Rail Specifications

  • Installed 25 metres of Gabion Baskets as earthwork support

  • Installed concrete bases to transformers, marshalling kiosks.

  • Installed brushed finished external concrete slab

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